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OTT's level of technical expertise in fibre optics is unrivalled amongst telecoms training companies. This expertise feeds directly into the quality of our training ensuring that all course materials are up-to-date with the latest developments in the standards and in the industry.

Richard Ednay

Richard Ednay, Technical Director of OTT, has more than 30 years of experience in fibre optics and set up OTT in 1989. He is a well-known expert throughout the fibre optics industry both in the UK and internationally, and regularly attended the world's leading fibre optic conferences, ECOC and OFC. Richard was directly involved in International Standards setting in fibre optics for many years and continues to track and support their development through continued membership of the relevant groups.

In 2006 Richard was nominated as the UK's Principal Expert on IEC SC86C Working Group 1 - 'Fibre optics communications systems and subsystems'. In the IEC he took on project leader responsibilities for updating the standards on attenuation, return loss and PMD testing of installed singlemode cabling.

Due to Richard's broad base of expertise in fibre optics that embraces multimode and singlemode, datacoms and telecoms, he was appointed to act as liaison between two standards groups: IEC SC86C that deals with Fibre Optic Systems and ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 Working Group 3 that deals with customer premises cabling. This latter working group is the one responsible for the well-known ISO/IEC11801 Generic Cabling standard. In 2008 Richard was a recipient of the IEC's prestigious 1906 Award for his outstanding contribution to the development of International Standards in fibre optics.

In the UK, as chairman of BSI86/3 Ruchard was also responsible for co-cordinating the UK input to the other IEC SC86C Working Groups that include WG2: Fibre optic sensors; WG3: Optical ampliers; WG4: Active devices and WG5: dynamic modules.

Richard was appointed as chairman of BSI GEL86 (Fibre optics) in 2013. Richard is also on BSI GEL 86/1 (fibres and cables) and GEL86/2 (connectors and passive devices), TCT7/1 (premises cabling) and EPL76 (laser safety).

OTT has been an Associate Member of ITU-T Study Group 15 and in 2008 Richard was responsible for updating the ITU-T Recommendations on fibre characterisation (G.650.3). Richard also contributed to the USA-TIA standards committees on specific fibre optics projects.

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