Benefits for you

Just stop for a moment and imagine our rural parish with access to schools, colleges, a hospital, a library, a post office, a supermarket, department store, banks, council offices, social clubs, a cinema, bookshops, a music store, a newsagent, tourist information office, travel agent, museums, businesses…and more. In fact a virtual town on our doorstep, without the bright lights and the crowds… whilst our parish still retains the lovely rural, peaceful, friendly, character of this green and pleasant land that we are so lucky to live in. That is the benefit that superfast broadband can bring!

Superfast broadband could actually bring our community closer, making communications over local events easy and helping keep the costs of organising local community activities down. It could enable a rural community like ours to remain sustainable and to thrive in the modern world, without losing its character and its sense of community. It will also make it an even more desirable place to live.

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