Project plan: Anticipated stages

This is a general overview of what we expect to happen to give you a feel for the process. Some of these things may change as options are narrowed down and decisions made. Unfortunately it won’t happen overnight, but the more positive support we get then the more likely it will be to be successful.

Explore a technical solution

This is well under way. Two alternative options for linking into a backhaul fibre optic cable have been agreed in principle with one telecoms company with guideline costs. An alternative fibre ‘backhaul’ supplier is also being explored. Possibility of a link into Broughton has been agreed in principle. Distribution to individual properties has been discussed initially with two alternate suppliers. Distribution would be either all wireless or a combination of fibre optic cable and wireless solutions.

Initial survey of demand in the community

Late August 2011. See survey.

Present a business case to funding sources

We need plenty of good information and reasons about how we would all benefit from superfast broadband. We would welcome the involvement of anyone in the community that has experience to help with this. The questions on the survey are designed to provide us with some statistics.

Public meeting

Presentation about proposed solution. Decision on whether to try and proceed. Potentially create a parish Community Interest Company.

Conditional sign-ups

Design the network

Build the network

Go live and enjoy the benefits!