What can you do?

Complete and return the initial ‘interest survey

You can also complete the Connecting North Yorkshire broadband survey here www.northyorks.gov.uk/broadband . But please complete our local survey too as we need this to prove that we should get a share of the funding.

Go to www.broadbandnorthyorkshire.com and click on the ‘My Broadband’ tab and complete the form to let North Yorkshire County Council know what broadband access is like where you live. They say that this will help them prioritise where broadband should be improved!

Become a broadband advocate for your own ‘community’ within our wider community by explaining to your friends and neighbours what we are trying to do and what benefits it may bring them. Collect and return surveys from your neighbours.

Tell us why YOU need better broadband and what you’d do with it. We need this sort of information in order to present a good business case for funding.

If you are a business and are interested in this do PLEASE get in touch to outline your needs.

Become a digital champion: see http://champions.go-on.co.uk/

If you know someone locally who says they are not interested but who you think could benefit from broadband access then use this link to help give you ideas on how to explain the benefits.
Click here for some examples of what you could be using superfast broadband for and how other people are already making use of the internet to meet their own needs.

When we, hopefully, get to the stage of being able to proceed we will need plenty of help! For example we’ll need to clear up and prepare the village hub site. If we lay any fibre then we may well do the digging/trenching ourselves so all help will be welcome.