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My personal harvest festival Autumn 2014

It’s now been nearly since six months since one of my vertebrae collapsed and the subsequent diagnosis of Myeloma as the cause of my weakened bone structure. The next stage in my treatment gets a bit more intensive. This is the stem cell treatment.

A life changing experience

 On Thursday 27th Feb, whilst running a training course in Ipswich, what I thought had been a niggling, muscular-type back pain took a dramatic turn for the worse. My back pain was so bad...

Plain label can

Is optical networking a commodity item?

This is a question that struck me as I dashed around the exhibition hall at ECOC in London, between meetings and technical presentations. I paused at one of the many Chinese exhibitors offering “good...

See you next week in London at ECOC

Back in 1975 the very first European Conference on Optical Communications was held in London at the IEE in Savoy Place. This year sees ECOC in London again, a bit bigger now, being held...

What is the next next gen?

What is the next “Next Gen”?

What is the next “Next Gen”?
When it comes to the technology of optical networks, we are constantly seeing changes. Some of these changes are evolutionary and some are revolutionary. So when does a technology development constitute a new ‘next’ generation and when is it just an extension of an existing generation?

OTT CONE manual

Controlling information overload and avoiding obesity…

Two new courses have been born…we will now be offering two separate one week courses, the new Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA) foundation course and a revised edition of the Certified Optical Network Engineer (CONE) course which will now concentrate on the advanced technologies.

ECOC 2011

ECOC 2011 in Geneva

This year the European Conference on Optical Communications was in Geneva, a city in a stunning setting on the shores of Lake Geneva, with hills around and snow-capped mountains visible in the distance. The...

OFC 2011 venue

OFC 2011

Optical Fibre Communications (OFC) is the world’s largest technical conference and trade show in fibre optics. A number of years ago it merged with what had previously been the National Fibre Optics Engineers Conference...

San Luis Obispo

Report from the IEC meeting in San Luis Obispo

“Where is that???” is the most common response when I’ve told anyone that I’ll be attending the IEC working group meetings in San Luis Obispo. Well, it’s a nice little town in California about...

Seattle – week 2!

As promised (apart from being a little late) here’s an update on what’s going on in the International Standards body for “customer premises cabling”. This group goes under the snappy little title of ISO/IEC...