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Certified Fibre Characterisation Engineer

Finisar 100G 4x28G Metro Tunable DWDM 30km (500km+ Amplified) CFP Optical Transceiver

Is 25G really more than 10G?

The new style of 100G CFP pluggable optics module builds on the 2nd Generation 100G Ethernet standard that was published in 2015 and uses four pairs of singlemode fibres each transmitting 25Gb/s of data using tuneable lasers in the C-band. This is an interesting halfway house between 10G wavelengths and the very expensive coherent 100G solutions using DP-QPSK. Because the module has no electronic dispersion compensation then it is necessary to do the dispersion compensation optically.

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Summer updates

Health update The main event in the treatment of my Myeloma is now completed, with high dose chemotherapy followed by my stem cell transplant carried out at St. James Hospital in Leeds at the...

ECOC 2011

ECOC 2011 in Geneva

This year the European Conference on Optical Communications was in Geneva, a city in a stunning setting on the shores of Lake Geneva, with hills around and snow-capped mountains visible in the distance. The...