What is dark fibre?

Lighting up dark fibre

Lighting up dark fibre

The most economical way to light dark fibre is to do it yourself!

CONA course logo and link OTT's Optical Networking certifications (CONA and CONE) provide you with the knowledge that you need to design your network, specify all the building blocks and understand how they all work together with the characteristics of the dark fibre infrastructure to provide the link with your required capacity. Read more about this in Richard Ednay's blog.

The growth in the supply of white box building blocks means that it is not necessary to get locked in to a specific vendor of (usually) very expensive solutions. However, if you do want a single vendor solution, then the course provides you with a good understanding of the generic technology, so that you can make an intelligent assessment of the different options available, identifying strengths and weaknesses of different vendors' solutions.

Become a Certified Optical Network Associate and learn to light up dark fibre. Available from OTT partners in UK, Ireland, USA and Africa