What is CFCE?

I'd like to find out about the CFCE certification

I'd like to find out about the CFCE certification

CFCE course logo and linkThe unique CFCE (Certified Fibre Characterisation Engineer) certification was launched by Optical Technology Training (OTT) in November 2005.

The certification is designed to meet the requirements for comprehensive fibre characterisation to be performed by competent test engineers who can apply the correct test methods, validate the results on-site and then analyse them, assess the capabilities of the infrastructure and then present the conclusions in an easy to understand format.

To achieve certification delegates attend a demanding five day training programme Certified Fibre Characterisation Engineer (CFCE) and must pass challenging theory and practical assessments.

The CFCE course provides test engineers with the knowledge and skills required to characterise advanced telecom fibre infrastructures in order to assess their ability to support modern high performance communications systems.

Delegates learn:  

  • about all the 7 fibre optic tests that are required to prove that advanced fibre infrastructures can support high data rate applications (40Gb/s, 100Gb/s & beyond) as well as extended wavelength range operation for DWDM and CWDM systems and Raman amplifiers for extended distance, extended wavelength range and lower noise gain
  • how to use the full power of multi-purpose test platforms to carry out these tests including connector end face inspection, insertion loss measurements, optical return loss measurements, bi-directional OTDR testing, chromatic dispersion, polarisation mode dispersion and spectral attenuation
  • how to process the results swiftly and efficiently using test report software to provide full system documentation
  • by appreciating the issues behind the tests you will be able to assess link performance intelligently against application support criteria.
Delegate using OTDR

The course includes plenty of practical hands-on sessions using current test equipment on specially constructed test rigs, as well as analysis exercises drawn from experience of real-world fibre characterisation.

At the end of the course there is a practical project assignmment to complete and also a challenging written paper to assure competence has been achieved. Successful candidates are then awarded Certified Fibre Characterisation Engineer (CFCE) status.

The CFCE course and CFCE certification has been endorsed by major fibre optic test equipment manufacturers including Viavi Solutions and Exfo.

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The CFCE certification was developed and is up-dated and maintained by OTT Technical Director Richard Ednay, who has over 30 years experience of fibre testing and fibre characterisation. Richard was deeply involved with the standards bodies that defined fibre characterisation and the tests required to perform it. He wrote the definition of fibre characterisation in ITU G.650.3, was project leader for the international IEC standards for loss measurement and for PMD on installed links. He is the chairman of the British Standards committees on fibre optics and fibre optic systems.

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The CFCE course is now delivered under licence by OTT's approved training delivery partners who must meet strict criteria for the competence of trainers, the availability of fibre characterisation equipment, fibre infrastructure and resources to deliver the courses. See what makes a good course here.

Every course is verified by OTT before awarding the CFCE certificates. All courses use the training materials that have been developed by OTT and are regularly updated to reflect the latest developments. This direct control of the quality of the training by the world's leading technical authority on fibre characterisation guarantees the best possible quality of training in fibre characterisation.


If you would like to know more about the CFCE course then you can download the OTT catalogue which includes full details of the CFCE course. 

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Visit the OTT website to find details of partners in your region offering the CFCE course. 


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