Why use a CFCE?

I'd like to know why I should use a CFCE

I'd like to know why I should use a CFCE

As telecoms systems and dark fibre contracts have become more complex, the actual performance of the installed fibre link has become critical. This is why fibre characterisation is now so essential.

Based on the results of the fibre characterisation exercise, decisions will need to be made about equipment choices, whether remedial works are required, or even whether to accept or reject the fibres.

There could be a lot at stake, and so it is essential that the information that you get from the fibre characterisation is accurate and reliable. Lots of data can be generated, with different types of traces and lots of numbers.

By using a CFCE for your fibre characterisation you can be certain that:

Correct tests

the right set of tests will
have been carried out on the fibres

Correct equipment

the equipment used will be capable of measuring the required performance parameters of the links being tested

Data validity & storage

the data acquired in the field will be checked to ensure its validity and is stored effectively and documented correctly

Data analysis

the data will be analysed and interpreted to provide useful information about link performance

Authoritative judgements may then be made regarding the quality of the infrastructure and the ability of the link to support particular applications.

Unfortunately, in the past, there have been too many situations where fibre testing has been carried out by inexperienced people without sufficient knowledge of the issues. Problems have arisen with inappropriate equipment being used, equipment being set up incorrectly,  problem areas being overlooked, and tests being missed out. These problems have still occurred even when the engineers have had training in some isolated aspects of the tests involved, but have not covered the full range of knowledge and skills provided by the Certified Fibre Characterisation Engineer (CFCE) training programme.

This was the driving force behind the development by OTT of the CFCE certification to give engineers a comprehensive characterisation process to be performed competent test engineers who could apply the correct test methods, validate the results on-site and then analyse them, assess the capabilities of the infrastructure and present the conclusions in an easy-to-use format.

So if you need to be able to rely on the results of fibre characterisation then can you afford not to use a CFCE?