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WhizzikeKit is a training aid created by OTT for use on our optical networking courses. WhizzieKit is the preferred optical network system supplier in the case studies used in our CONA and CONE certification training programmes.

WhizzieKit has a full catalogue, just like you might get from a real optical network system provider, with a wide range of products. However the extent of the information is limited so that it is easier for trainees to get to grips with during the course and so that we can easily bring out specific learning points. The catalogue is included on the trainee resources, along with introductory presentations from Sean Power, the Sales Manager of WhizzieKit.

WhizzieKit also has a physical presence on the course so that trainees can explore the products, move them about and use them for exercises such as working out what kit is needed in what order at each end of a system to produce different solutions.

You can download a brochure about WhizzieKit.

The WhizzieKit X series is for 10Gb/s systems is used on the CONA course.

Visit the CONA course information page

The WhizzieKit C series is for 100Gb/s systems is used on the CONE course.

Visit the CONE course information page

The WhizzieKit T series is currently under development.

Trainees also have access to a lot of information from real manufacturers on the trainee electronic resources and there are alternative case study exercises using real product information too.

WhizzieKit is copyright of OTT.

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