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Certified Optical Network Engineer CONE

Become a Certified Optical Network Engineer

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If you are finding the coherent era in optical networking, just a little…. incoherent... then you’re not alone. It really has got a lot more complicated!

The unique CONE (Certified Optical Network Engineer) certification can help you and your team make sense out of all the noise.

Conquer 8 key challenges facing optical network design decisions!

Attending this course gives you, or your team, the opportunity to step back, gain a big picture perspective, and look methodically at all the challenges that may be facing your network. Challenges such as increasing capacity, extending reach, increasing flexibility, controlling latency, providing quality of service and going open and interoperable, whilst keeping costs under control and reducing electrical power consumption.

So, what is covered on the CONE programme?

Here’s some of the hot topics, key technology trends and developments that you’ll be mastering on the course, so that you can set policies and strategies to guide your network designs.

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) and network disaggregation
  • Open optical line systems including openROADM next gen CDC-flexgrid ROADMs
  • the role of DCO (Digital Coherent Optical) pluggable transceivers for 100Gb/s, 400ZR, OpenZR+ and more
  • Digital signal processing, advanced FEC, OpenFEC
  • Complex modulation formats including DP-nQAM, PCS (Probabilistic Constellation Shaping), XR Optics
  • developments with conventional and radical fibre designs, ULL, PSC, HCF, MCF
  • latency issues, demands and constraints
  • Amplifier developments for increased capacity and improved signal quality
  • Subsea cable systems and energy optimised SDM system design

OTT’s unique approach involves extensive use of case studies, scenarios and the use of our very own virtual optical network system from WhizzieKit! WhizzieKit is the preferred optical network system supplier in the case studies used in our certification training programmes. WhizzieKit has a full catalogue, just like you might get from a real optical network system provider, with a wide range of products. However, the extent of the information is focused so that it is easier for trainees to get to grips with during the course, and so that we can easily bring out specific learning points. The course delivery format is an intense, immersive, 5-day boot-camp style live course that encourages the participation and interaction that provides effective learning. The CONE course builds on the foundation of optical networking knowledge provided by the Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA) programme.

Who is the CONE course for?

The range of job roles that need a solid understanding of optical networks is increasing. You may be a network manager or an optical network planner or network architect, already working with optical networks and need to take some time to focus on making sense of all the new developments that you have been hearing about, to help you decide how to take your network forward. You might work for an optical networking equipment and system supplier and need a chance to put all the new products into context so you can support your customers effectively. Also specialists from other areas are finding that the latest trends in optical networking mean that they are being pulled into this area. So, you may be an IP specialist who is finding that you now need to know about optical networks, due to the trend towards network disaggregation. Or you may be a software engineer involved in supporting SDN projects and finding that you need to know more about optical networks and all the terminology so you can communicate effectively with other members of a project team. So you might want to recommend this course to your suppliers.

Get course dates for the Certified Optical Network Engineer (CONE) now

Fill in the form below to receive more information about the course and to make sure you hear about available dates as the course is launched in different regions by OTT’s partners. It will be available from most of our partners eventually. It will be available as a public course in some regions, and also as an onsite course for small groups in some locations.

Would you like to offer the Certified Optical Network Engineer (CONE) certification at your training organisation?

We expect to be taking on a number of new partners, as a set, at some point second or third quarter 2022. Get in touch, for initial discussions, if you would be interested. We provide all the course materials and supporting assessment documentation to enable a trainer/s, with sufficient knowledge and experience in optical networking, to deliver this certification. We verify assessments and provide certificates for successful delegates.

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