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What generation is your dark fibre

How can I specify dark fibre?

The detailed specifications for dark fibre are usually negotiated between the owner of the fibre and the company leasing the fibre.

There may be different types of fibre available, such as:

It is important if you are leasing dark fibre that you understand the details of the fibre specifications. You need to be able to understand the impact that the fibre specifications might have on the operation of the systems that you might use to light up the fibre. Remember that some dark fibre may have been in the ground a long time and so their performance may not be the same as for new fibre.

You can learn about infrastructure specifications and different fibre types on OTT’s Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA) programme.

But whatever the agreed specifications it is always best to make sure that the dark fibre is thoroughly tested to make sure it meets those specifications. You can learn how to carry out that testing on the Certified Fibre Characterisation Engineer course.

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