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BS standards

BS EN standards for premises cabling

COFI, Public, Standards
BS EN 50173 and BS EN 50174 series standards and links to where to purchase the standards online
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Fibre optic cable preparation

Fibre optic cable preparation tools

COFI, Equipment, Public
What tools do you need to prepare fibre optic cable? Cable preparation is the most important practical skill to master in fibre optics. Proper fibre optic cable preparation is essential for achieving good quality splicing and termination.
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Fibre optic cleaving

Fibre optic cleaving tools

COFI, Equipment, Public

What is a fibre optic cleaver? In order to achieve good results when splicing fibres together, whether using fusion splicing or mechanical splices, it is…

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fibre optic test data cloud software

Cloud based data management

CFCE, CONA, Public, Software, Testing

Most test equipment vendors now offer some form of 'cloud service' that can be used for the management of fibre optic test data. These systems allow…

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CONA, CONE, CSP, Standards

Ethernet standards are written and maintained by the IEEE. The IEEE802.3 standard and its amendments defines Ethernet local area, access and metropolitan area networks. Ethernet…

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PMD and CD testing

Fibre characterisation systems

CFCE, Equipment, Testing

A test platform with full fibre characterisation capabilities should enable you to inspect fibre optic connectors & carry out ILM, ORL, bi-directional OTDR, chromatic dispersion,…

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Fibre optic connector inspection probes

Fibre optic connector inspection probes

CFCE, COFI, CONA, Equipment, Public, Testing

What is a fibre optic inspection probe & which one do you need? A fibre optic connector inspection probe is used to inspect connector end…

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Fibre optic connector inspection software

Fibre optic connector inspection software

CFCE, COFI, CONA, Public, Software, Testing

Automated fibre optic connector inspection image analysis software is available, from the major test equipment manufacturers. This software is designed to analyse connector end faces…

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Fibre optic cables

Fibre optic cable

COFI, Components, CONA, CSP, Products, Public

What is a fibre optic cable? A fibre optic cable is essentially suitable packaging for one or many optical fibres, to enable the fibres to…

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Fusions splice machines

Fusion splice machines

COFI, Equipment, Public

What is a fusion splice machine? A fusion splice machine is used to join optical fibres together to achieve a low loss connection. Fusion splicers…

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IEC standards for testing, cleaning & inspection of optical fibre

IEC standards for testing, cleaning & inspection

CFCE, CONA, CSP, Standards, Testing

Having clean connectors is essential for accurate test results. Following the IEC standards for testing will also help! There's also a lot of detailed technical…

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ISO/IEC Standards for Generic Cabling

CFCE, CONA, CSP, Standards

The ISO/IEC 11801 series are International Standards for generic cabling in different types of premises. They cover fibre optic cabling as well as twisted pair and…

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ITU-T Recommendations

CFCE, CONA, CONE, CSP, Standards
Here are useful links direct to relevant ITU-T recommendations: the G-Series and the L-Series.
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Light Source and Power Meter

Light source and power meters

COFI, Equipment, Public, Testing

What are a light source and power meter used for? A light source and a power meter are required to perform the most important measurement…

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All the MSAs for transceivers


CONE, Standards
What is an MSA? Organisations, usually comprising consortia of component vendors, get together to define the key parameters of components or subsystems so that these will all work together. These result in Multi Source Agreements & Implementation Agreements. Examples include the SFP-MSA, CFP-MSA, QSFP-MSA, OSFP-MSA etc.
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CFCE, COFI, CONA, CSP, More info

We believe that good training should leave you with the desire to put your new knowledge and skills into practice. It should also give you…

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Optical fibre

Optical fibre


As you will have learned on your course, a range of fibre types have been developed, over the years, to fulfil the requirements of different…

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Optical networking software

Optical network modelling software

CONA, CONE, CSP, Software, Systems
What optical modelling software can you use to help you with the task of designing your optical link or network?
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Optical Network Systems

CONA, CONE, CSP, Systems

Sadly you can't actually buy WhizzieKit. So we have put together some links to help you research the equipment and systems you can buy. You…

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What is an OTDR?


CFCE, COFI, Equipment, Public, Testing

An OTDR or Optical Time Domain Reflectometer is the most powerful piece of fibre optic test equipment for assuring the overall quality of a fibre…

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Sprecial fibres

Special fibres

Components, CONE

If you are interested in following the progress of some of the more radical fibre designs, that are often talked about at technical conferences, in…

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Fibre optic splice closures

Splice closures

Products, Public

A splice closure is used where externals cables are jointed together. A splice closure typically consists of a waterproof enclosure with a number of sealable…

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Telecoms standards bodies logos

Standards bodies

CFCE, CONA, CONE, Public, Standards

Standards allow different systems to communicate with each other and different parts of a system or subsystem to interact with each other in a well-defined…

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Subsea optical fibre cables

Subsea cables

CONE, Systems

Much of the world’s internet traffic is carried around the globe on undersea fibre optic cables. So undersea cables are an essential element in connecting…

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OTDR software for trace processing

OTDR trace viewing & processing

CFCE, CONA, Public, Software, Testing

How do you analyse an OTDR trace? There are many OTDR software packages which complement the use of OTDRs in the field. These software packages…

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standards for fibre optics

Why are standards for fibre optics important?

CFCE, COFI, CONA, CSP, More info, Public, Standards

OTT training always has a focus on standards, but why are standards for fibre optics important? Join Richard Ednay of OTT as he transports you…

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