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fibre optic test data cloud software

How to manage your test data in the cloud

Most test equipment vendors now offer some form of ‘cloud service’ that can be used for the management of fibre optic test data. These systems allow the data from test equipment to be uploaded to the internet where they are stored on a central management system that can be accessed by authorised users.

Such systems have the potential to integrate many aspects of the workflow and can be used to provide significant improvements in operational efficiency. You’ll find links to some examples of cloud based systems listed below:

AFL Logo

aeRos® Workflow Management Solution

AFL’s aeRos product is a cloud-based, comprehensive workflow management solution designed to facilitate two-way communication and data exchange between project management engineering and technicians in the field. Project managers can send jobs directly to technicians, defining exactly which tests, configurations and criteria are needed.  Data is stored immediately in the cloud enabling access to test results when and where needed.  Project managers can have real time access to test results so any issues can be addressed immediately to avoid the need for retesting later. Find out more here.


EXFO Connect

EXFO Connect provides an automated, secure environment that links together your EXFO test instruments and centralizes captured data across your organization. The Test Data Manager application provides a centralized environment in which test data can be collected, archived and referenced for future use.

Viavi Logo

Viavi StrataSync

Viavi’s optical data post-processing software is available in two versions:

FiberTrace 2 lets users view, edit, analyse, and print any optical test data acquired in the field with Viavi T-BERD/MTS platforms. It is ideal for small fibre jobs.

FiberCable 2 adds the ability to generate high-fiber-count cable OTDR acceptance reports and fibre characterisation reports combining various test results in a single document. It can be used for the analysis and characterisation of the fibres in an entire cable with large fiber counts, or of multiple spans. The software is compatible with JDSU IL, ORL, FiberComplete™, CD, PMD, AP ,OSA and I-PMD test results and with any Bellcore .sor OTDR file format.

Find more about them and download a trial copy here.

Fiberizer Logo

Fiberizer Desktop Plus

Fiberizer Cloud is an online repository for your test data. You can organize your traces in custom collections, compare traces from the same cable, analyse and edit them and generate a professional PDF report. Find out more here.

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