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Fusions splice machines

Fusion splice machines

What is a fusion splice machine?

A fusion splice machine is used to join optical fibres together to achieve a low loss connection. Fusion splicers vary in capability and therefore in price. You can buy a basic multimode fusion splice machine, or a fully automatic singlemode fusion splice machine or a machine capable of splicing ribbon fibres.

Fusion splicers also vary according to their sophistication and mode of operation. A well-maintained fusion splicer can last a long time, so you may still come across older designs still in use or for sale secondhand.

Learn to use a fusion splicer to splice fibre optic cabling

On an OTT Certified Optical Fibre Installer (COFI) course you can learn when and why fusion splicing is used as a method of joining fibres together and also how to use a fusion splice machine to achieve low loss splices. You’ll also learn to maintain your splice machine so it lasts and stays performing well.

The COFI core course is designed for installation and maintenance staff working on core telecom fibre optic networks. On the COFI core course you will learn to prepare fibre optic cabling for splicing within splice closures and ODFs and learn to terminate fibre optic cables by splicing on pre-terminated pigtails or splice on connectors in an ODF.

The COFI Enterprise course is designed specifically for installation and maintenance staff working on enterprise, datacomms, local area (LAN) networks. The course provides the skills and knowledge required to install, terminate and test internal fibre optic cabling networks.

Decide what fusion splice machine to buy

Below you will find links to major manufacturers of fusion splicers and a range of example splice machines.

AFL Logo

AFL Global

AFL manufactures a range of fibre optic products and equipment, including a range of fusion splice machines for different applications. You can see the full range here.

The 70S+ is a rugged, high performance core alignment single fibre fusion splicer. It is Bluetooth enabled and compatible with AFL’s “Splice+” Smartphone application. It can detect cleave and strip condition, monitor battery and power usage, and includes user customisable settings.


Atomowave from Korea, is a new provider of fusion splicers and test equipment for fibre optic installation work.


The AFS-60 is a core alignment splicer with a unique ACA system (Atomowave Core Analysis) system that provides a more accurate core analysis to prevent having to redo bad splices once testing, due to inaccurate core estimate analysis of some machines.
The more inline the dots are after the splice, the better aligned the cores of the fibre.

S179 Splicer

The FITEL S179 is a ruggedised, hand-held core-alignment splicer designed for field-use.

INNO Instruments

INNO Instruments from Korea, is a fast-developing provider of tools and equipment for fibre optic installation work, particularly a range of fusion splicers and more recently also OTDRs.

The View 7 is a core-alignment splicer with a high magnification rate for clear fibre images. It has a 5 inch high-resolution colour LCD touch screen with user-friendly graphic interface.

Sumitomo Electric

Sumitomo offers a comprehensive range of fusion splicers for use in the field, from hand held micro-splicers, optimised for portability, to high definition core aligning splicers designed for speed, accuracy and productivity.

The T-72C is a high definition core aligning fusion splicer, with a touch optimised user interface and high resolution display. It has a 5s splice time & 9s heat shrink time and long life battery. It is compatible with Sumitomo’s Lynx fusion splice-on field assembly connectors and the SumiCloud smartphone app and cloud hosted services suite.

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    The Certified Optical Fibre Installer (COFI) training courses are delivered under license by OTT's approved partners in the UK, Ireland, South Africa and Oman. Please complete the form to be put in contact with your nearest partner.

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