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Fibre optic splice closures

Splice closures

A splice closure is used where externals cables are jointed together. A splice closure typically consists of a waterproof enclosure with a number of sealable cable entry points.

The locations where cables are jointed or terminated are where the fibres are most easily damaged. So using good quality splice closures can help at several key stages. They can make the initial installation easier and quicker. They can allow effective repairs and allow reconfigurations to be carried out if necessary. Well-designed closures which manage and protect the fibres correctly, can also help to ensure ongoing trouble-free operation.

What type of splice enclosure do you need?

What type of splice enclosure is best will depend on what part of the network you are going to use it in and what type of environment you are going to install it in. You need to make a list of your specific requirements and the features to look for. These might include the configurations it can deal with, ease of installation, flexibility and how easy it is to re-enter and add to or re-configure if required.

We have put together some links to help you research the best splice closures for your application.

On an OTT Certified Optical Fibre Installer (COFI-OSP) course you can learn to prepare fibre optic cabling for splicing within splice closures and ODFs and learn to terminate fibre optic cables by splicing on pre-terminated pigtails or splice on connectors in an ODF. The COFI OSP course is designed for installation and maintenance staff working on outside plant telecom fibre optic networks.

Explore the different splice closures available

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    The Certified Optical Fibre Installer (COFI) training courses are delivered under license by OTT's approved partners in the UK, Ireland, South Africa and Oman. Please complete the form to be put in contact with your nearest partner.

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