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OTDR software for trace processing

OTDR trace viewing & processing software

How do you analyse an OTDR trace?

There are many OTDR software packages which complement the use of OTDRs in the field. These software packages can greatly assist in the efficient and accurate interpretation and analysis of OTDR traces in the comfort of an office, without tying up a valuable test instrument.

Some OTDR viewer software packages are available free of charge usually with limited functionality. More sophisticated packages with comprehensive reporting and analysis functions will cost.

Learn to carry out OTDR testing correctly

OTDR software cannot magically compensate for poor OTDR data acquisition! If the OTDR test engineers or operators in the field have not collected the relevant data, then no amount of analysis in a software package will help to provide the information required. So you need to make sure your test engineers are well trained.

The Certified Optical Fibre Installer (COFI) course covers OTDR testing and the Certified Fibre Characterisation Engineer (CFCE) course covers advanced OTDR testing as well as PMD and CD testing. The CFCE course offers unique advanced training for fibre characterisation engineers. We also offer shorter courses focussed specifically on OTDR testing where delegates can concentrate on obtaining advanced OTDR knowledge and skills. These are usually run as closed  (rather than public) courses for a group of test technicians or engineers from one organisation.

Explore OTDR software packages

We have put together links below for you to the main OTDR software packages available.

AFL Logo

Test Results Manager PC Analysis and Reporting

Test Results Manager is Windows®-compatible PC software providing an analysis, viewer and reporting tool designed for use with AFL fibre optic test and inspection products. It is available in Basic and Advanced versions.

The basic software enables users to view results, generate acceptance reports, analyse OTDR traces, loss or certification results and batch-edit OTDR traces uploaded from all AFL FlexScan, FlexTester, M-Series and C-Series OTDRs & OPM products. It also supports inspection report generation using image files uploaded from AFL’s FOCIS Flex and FOCIS WiFi PRO connector inspection solutions.

The Advanced version adds bi-directional trace averaging, Microbend/Macrobend detection, and export of .SOR file contents to .CSV file format.

You can download a free trial here.

Anritsu Logo

TraceView Software v5.0

The TraceView software allows users to view OTDR trace files on their computers. It offers a subset of the functionality found in Anritsu’s NetWorks/OTDR software. You can download it here.


FastReporter 2

EXFO’s FastReporter 2 software package is designed for off-line analysis of field-acquired data. It offers post-processing tools, data management and report generation for OTDR, OLTS (loss and ORL), connector inspection, chromatic dispersion and PMD test results. You can find out more about it here.

Viavi Logo

FiberTrace 2 and FiberCable 2 reporting software

Viavi’s optical data post-processing software is available in two versions:

FiberTrace 2 lets users view, edit, analyse, and print any optical test data acquired in the field with Viavi T-BERD/MTS platforms. It is ideal for small fibre jobs.

FiberCable 2 adds the ability to generate high-fiber-count cable OTDR acceptance reports and fibre characterisation reports combining various test results in a single document. It can be used for the analysis and characterisation of the fibres in an entire cable with large fiber counts, or of multiple spans. The software is compatible with JDSU IL, ORL, FiberComplete™, CD, PMD, AP ,OSA and I-PMD test results and with any Bellcore .sor OTDR file format.

Find more about them and download a trial copy here.

Fiberizer Test Data Management, Remote & Cloud Applications

Fiberizer by VeEx Inc. offers a range of software solutions for remote optical testing and data post-processing for managing test data and generating reports that integrate OTDR, link map, GPS coordinates, OLTS (loss and ORL), connector inspection, and captured images. Available for Window PC, Mobile Apps (Android, iPhone and iPad devices) and Fiberizer Cloud.

You can download a 30-day trial of the software here.


FiberDoc is a German company that produces software designed to help manage fibre optic test measurements. The FiberDoc® software package is used for controlling, evaluating and documenting OTDR measurements. It is compatibile with various different OTDR formats. It has two operation modes optimised for multiple fibre links with branched and non-branched topologies. An online cloud storage service is available.

OTDR Viewer

The OTDR Viewer is a free, limited functionality version, of the AQ7932 OTDR Emulation Software from Yokogawa that allows OTDR file viewing and analysis, not including printing function and report creation function. You can download it here.

Tell me more about the CFCE course

    The Certified Fibre Characterisation Engineer (CFCE) training program is delivered under license by OTT's approved partners in the UK, Ireland and USA. Please complete the form to be put in contact with your nearest partner.

    Please put me in touch with OTT partners offering the CFCE course

    You can also email us if you'd like to provide more details about your enquiry: [email protected]

    Tell me more about the COFI course

      The Certified Optical Fibre Installer (COFI) training courses are delivered under license by OTT's approved partners in the UK, Ireland, South Africa and Oman. Please complete the form to be put in contact with your nearest partner.

      Please put me in touch with OTT partners offering the COFI course

      You can also email us if you'd like to provide more details about your enquiry: [email protected]

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