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Oman Fiber Optic Co. S.A.O.G. (OFO) uses state of the art technology to draw fiber and manufacture world class fiber cable products in the Sultanate of Oman. OFO provides fiber and cable solutions (such as for long haul backbone communication links, LAN networks, video transmission, cable TV, traffic signaling etc.) and Telecommunications Solutions (including RF Planning, Network Design, Network Implementation, Solar Energy Solution Design and Deployment etc.).

Oman Fiber Optic have opened a brand-new, purpose-built training centre at their factory in Muscat. OFO will deliver several OTT certifications under licence from OTT, including COFI Enterprise, COFI Core, and CONA. Initially the focus will be on rolling out the training programmes to OFO’s internal staff in their Outside Plant and Telecoms Services Divisions, as well as to OFO’s clients in the region. This initiative complements OFO’s world class optical fibre and cable manufacturing capabilities to establish OFO as a regional centre of excellence in fibre optic technology.


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