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You need to be registered for the resources for your live course and also logged in. Then you will be able to view the resources for your specific course*

If you are attending a live or virtual OTT certification course with one of our partners then you will have been provided with access details by your trainer. Make sure you have completed your registration form and that this page and the menu above shows that you are logged in, then choose your course from the course portals menu option above or by using the course icons below.

** Note that even if you are logged in, you will only have access to the resources for your specific course, so you may also see this page if a specific resource is not available to you.**

If you are not logged in, then you can log in using the form which will appear below if you are not logged in. If you are not on a course yet then why not have a look at our courses or have a look at our free public resources.

Log in form (shows if you are not logged in)

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