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If you are involved with designing, testing, planning, managing or implementing the world's communications networks, you'll know that the task for you and your team, is getting ever more complex and challenging. Let us help your team to gain the expertise, professionalism, credibility and confidence they need to stay on top of those challenges so that they can fulfil their roles efficiently and effectively. Choose the role below that most reflects your own and we can guide you to how we can help. Or if, like many people, your job covers many different roles then have a browse through our online courses and live courses sections to see how we could help.

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Design optical networks


If you are a design engineer or optical network architect for core networks today, then a grasp of some of the individual technical issues is no longer enough, you need to be able to see the big picture and truly understand the impact of the different approaches to building and operating advanced optical networks.

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Plan optical networks


There might be exciting developments at the expensive leading edge of optical networking, but for many people deploying cost-effective 10Gb/s or 25Gb/s systems still makes sense.

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Test optical networks


If you are an optical network test engineer or someone who needs to analyse test reports in order to make decisions about optical network capabilities, then you have probably put things like Raman amplifiers and ROADMs on your "issues" list. If it is time for you and your team to start dealing with those issues and the other challenges involved in fibre characterisation today then we can help.

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Install fibre optic networks


Cabling installation has become a challenging and very competitive business. Installers are just supposed to get on and deal with whatever environment, components, time pressures and challenges face them. With many individual installers operating that are for whatever reasons, untrained, barely or badly trained or not up-to-date with the developments in standards, practices and technology, this has been a recipe for ongoing problems which have really only begun to impact as the performance demands on our installed networks have increased. For some networks basic installation is fine, but for others it is not.

Our intention with our Certified Optical Fibre Installer (COFI) programme is to provide the 'very best of class' training for corporate customers that require the highest quality training for teams of staff that are dealing with high performance, critical or unusual networks. It also helps to remove incorrect working habits which might have been picked up from other cabling jobs.

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