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Get well cards

At last it is time to take the get well cards down! …

The last eighteen months have certainly been long and challenging, but my recent hospital trips “100 days” after my stem cell transplant have now had positive outcomes. At St. James I learned that the stem cell...

Stem cell harvesting

Stem cell transplant March/April 2015

It is now been more than a year since my diagnosis with myeloma. I am scheduled to be admitted to Saint James’s Hospital in Leeds on Tuesday 24th March for a stem cell transplant.


My personal harvest festival Autumn 2014

It’s now been nearly since six months since one of my vertebrae collapsed and the subsequent diagnosis of Myeloma as the cause of my weakened bone structure. The next stage in my treatment gets a bit more intensive. This is the stem cell treatment.

A life changing experience

 On Thursday 27th Feb, whilst running a training course in Ipswich, what I thought had been a niggling, muscular-type back pain took a dramatic turn for the worse. My back pain was so bad...