From credit crunch to capacity crunch?

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  1. Mahaindra Seebalack says:

    Hi Richard,
    I can’t make it to OFC this year, but would love to know what your thoughts are on the emerging trends. Last year, I came to learn a bit more on QKD Quantum Key Distribution Systems as applied to Secure Fiber Optic Communications, in addition to Automated Test Systems from the AFCS group.
    I’ve noted that the Singapore Intelligent Nation iN2015 plan, they propose to impliment some form of QKD, thus I believe that as the technology becomes more mature, other national networks may follow suit.. perhaps the desire for Cloud Computing apps would hasten demands for more secure systems.
    I am also interested in the many uses of Fiber Optic Sensors FOS and was prompted to visit the SPIE Secutity & Defense Conference 2009 in Orlando. The range of applications for FOS coupled with the wide cross section of disciplines involved, would require a great deal of expertise and innovation. In T&T I can see uses in Oil & Gas, Security – ocean Sonar systems locating those subs in our waters coming from South America carring coke, Critical Infrastructure monitoring etc.
    I’m just delighted to be involved in this exciting field. One question though Richard, how do you keep up?

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