Is 25G really more than 10G?

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2 Responses

  1. Derek Cassidy says:


    Yes I agree with this but the decision by the IEEE standards under the heading [STDS-802-3-25G] P802.3by came about due to the discussion ns with the various interested parties at the quarterly IEEE meetings. From here it was decided to investigate and hopefully standardise the 25GbE Ethernet channel with both Electrical and Optical options and MMF and SMF deliverables being discussed and each given its own subgroup. However the greatest leap forward that came out of these discussions was the idea that 25GbE PON systems could be developed and this again got people thinking. If we have achieved a 25GbE (28Gb) optical lane for the 2nd generation 100GbE and delivered it via the CFP2 then how about a 50GbE or even a 100GbE PON standard under the 802.3-ngpon heading. So at present we are at this stage were all three are now being looked at and investigated for standardisation together, simultaneously and independently….for once the IEEE standards body are now heading the technology feasibility study into these developments.

    • Hi Derek,
      Thanks for your input. My post was in the context of core networks, as covered on our CONA-core course that you attended. But yes the IEEE is now developing a plethora of Ethernet standards with different data rates and media options. My next blog will be looking at some of these developments and their impact for enterprise networks, mainly in the data centre space…